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More than 200,000 children to be dewormed

Anti-bilharzia drugs to be administered to children between 2 to 14 years in Busia County. Photo by KNA.

The  Government in collaboration with Evidence Action Kenya ,a child-health organisation, the Ministries of Health and Education plan to deworm 230,000 school children in Busia County.

Speaking  to KNA in his office on Wednesday, the Busia County Director of Education (CDE), Thadeus  Awuor  said that the exercise is being conducted in all public primary schools across the county.

“The exercise targets children aged between two and 14 years in pre-Primary and Primary schools in counties that are vulnerable to worms which prevent children from learning,” he said.

Awuor  explained that the programme started with the training of master trainers, sensitisation of teachers and the eventual roll out of the exercise on Wednesday.

“Today, we expect all our 645 institutions to accommodate the team from the Ministry of Health and teachers so that our learners are dewormed,” he said.

He  appealed to parents and education stakeholders to avail their children in the respective primary schools and a few private schools that have been designated for the exercise from 7am to 6pm today.

“The tablets that will be administered are anti-bilharzia tablets called albendazole and it is meant to eradicate worms in the learners,” he said.

The  CDE  explained that once children are dewormed they are able to concentrate on their studies and think better and participate in co curriculum activities.

“The theme for this year is, Kwa ‘elimu na afya bora tuangamize minyoo’,” he said expressing confidence that the initiative will help retain children in schools.

Awuor  at the same time, said that the Ministry aims at ensuring 100 percent transition from preprimary education to grade one up to grade six.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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