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Council of elders demands inciter’s arrest

Isiolo Garre council of elders has demanded the arrest of the culprit behind video clips circulating in social media inciting the Garre against Borana community.
The elders want security agencies to investigate and apprehend the authors and source of the inciting content which has gone viral over the last few days.
Garre Council of elders’ vice chairman Mr. Mohamed Hassan said that no one has authority to speak on behalf of the community except the bonafide officials and appealed to Sub County Security Committee to arrest hate mongers.
Mr. Hassan said that one of the authors who claimed to be a resident of United States of America is not known to the community and was out to bring unnecessary conflict between the two communities for no reason.
He said the government has the capacity to arrest the suspects who incite people to violence or post hate statements or even use abusive language against others especially in relation to the recent visit by the leader of the Borana community in Kenya and Ethiopia ‘Aba Gadha’ who addressed all 42 communities in Isiolo.
Hassan demanded respect for the traditional leader from all communities in northern Kenya.
The elders promised to co-operate with the government and appealed to Borana community to disown the clips in social media saying they were out to divide communities living in Isiolo along tribal blocks.
Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Mwachaunga Chaunga said that the government has launched investigations into the allegations and assured wananchi that the source of inciting clips would be brought to book soon.
Mr. Chaunga warned social media administrators to be more responsible by ensuring that what is posted in their platforms conforms to accuracy, accountability and objectivity norms of all other media publications the world over and desist from championing antagonism among tribes.
The DCC urged council of elders from the two communities to form joint committees to assist the government fight such mischief saying the government would not spare those involved.

By Abduba Mamo

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