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Counselling, job opportunities to curb depression, Kimemia

Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia has called for concerted effort between the national and county governments towards setting up mental health and counselling centres to curb rising cases of suicide.

Kimemia, who regretted the high number of suicide and homicide cases reported daily across the Country, said as a matter of urgency, guiding and counselling as well as mentorship services be availed to avert losing more lives.

“You can imagine how much it costs the society to bring up a person and even train them to be a police officer or a teacher, only to lose them to a bullet in a suicide or homicide case,” noted Kimemia.

The former Head of Public Service called for reforms in the police service to tame the vice that has in the recent pasty been witnessed among the uniformed officers.

While noting that it concerned all leaders that young men resorted to terminating their lives, Kimemia said resources should be set aside for counselling centres in all the 47 counties for ease of access.

“Why do you commit suicide, citing separation from a lover, seek the counsel of our leaders, the clergy or village elders instead of taking the matter in your own hands,” said Kimemia.

Kimemia said government staff and officers should also be trained to handle stress at the work place as well as counselling others, to enhance access to the services, urging the residents to “walk with God” and respect the sanctity of life.

Nyandarua County has been on the spot for rising cases of suicide, with men topping the list.

By Anne Sabuni

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