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Counties challenged to implement climate change policy

Chief Justice Martha Koome has challenged County Governments to be on the frontline in implementing actions for mitigating and adapting to climate change as it affects the local livelihoods.

The CJ, who spoke during the 7th Annual Devolution Conference in Makueni County Thursday said the effects of climate change including drought, famine and floods affect the local communities and domestic animals and wildlife, of which County governments are squarely in charge.

“While the setting of mitigation standards is often made at National government levels, adaptation and mitigation of activities are often implemented and have impact at local levels. Thus, it is the county level of government that is the best placed to implement the actions to mitigate climate change,” said Koome.

Koome however noted that as much as counties are the best to implement, effective and equitable climate actions still demands that implementation and mitigation activities be pursued at multiple scales of governance right from global, national and county levels.

She said due to the impact of climate change on our society and environment, both governments have a responsibility and obligation to promote mitigation and adaptation to the climate reality for the sake of the citizens and future generations.

“It’s a moral obligation on each one of us in our positions in government and individual capacities to change our behaviors in response to the environmental concerns,” added the CJ.

Koome further urged the counties to strengthen the primary health care systems in response to diseases brought by the drastic climate change on the environments.

“Climate change is likely to have an impact on healthcare and counties ought to strengthen their healthcare systems to deal with it,” observed Koome

The CJ lauded most of the counties who have implemented agricultural measures and policies in crop and animal husbandry hence ensuring food security to the country.

“Time is not on our side, both the level of governments ought to make serious efforts to act now and prepare for these looming threats to us and future generations,” added the CJ

The conference themed: ‘Multi-Level Governance for Climate Action: Sub-National Mobilization in Unlocking the Full Potential of Climate Action during and after Pandemics,’ where the sub-national level is expected to implement the mitigation measures to climate change at the grassroots.

By Ronald Rono

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