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County addresses waste management problem

The Nakuru County Government today held a meeting with garage owners and operators to discuss waste management in their respective workplaces.

The main focus of the discussion was the proper separation of solid and liquid waste.

The Chief Officer for Environment, Kennedy Mungai, emphasised the importance of storing solid and liquid waste in separate containers, unlike the current depraved practice of mixing both, which ends up polluting the environment.

Mungai noted that the two containers would greatly enhance cleanliness and hygiene, for their own good, since even the aesthetic appeal might contribute to more customers and their workers health.

For a long time, the general appearance of garages in the county has been filled with filthy oils, and more often than not, the mechanics’ hands and overalls are plastered with the oils. However, they have a colossal effect on their skins.

Mungai noted that garbage management has remained a tedious process in the county due to the negative attitude of discarding and littering carelessly without giving a thought to the collectors.

He appealed to the residents to follow the hygienic methods of disposing garbage right from their homes to the streets, which currently have provisions for solid and liquid disposable containers strategically located throughout the city.

Also, the Chief Officer accompanied the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) officials to the Karsa and Karunga quarries situated in Kiamanina in Bahati ward.

The officers further underscored the importance of fencing off the quarries, implementing tree cover in the surrounding areas, and other safety measures to reduce risks for both residents and animals.

By Veronica Bosibori

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