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County chiefs put on notice over illicit liquor

The  Kericho County Commissioner (CC), Moses Mbaruku has called on the national government administration to intensify the fight against sale and consumption of illicit brews in the region.

Mbaruku said that chiefs and their assistants are the government’s eyes at the grass root level and it is their responsibility to guarantee the eradication of illicit brews in their areas of their jurisdiction.

He warned the local administrators against sleeping on the job that they risked being summarily dismissed.

“Chiefs and their assistants must remain vigilant in the fight against illicit brews and those who sympathize with the brewers will be shown the door,” said Mbaruku.

The CC was speaking at Kericho Day Secondary School Hall on Monday during a meeting with the county national government administrators.

Mbaruku  called on the chiefs and their assistants to step up their fight against the vice with the help of the residents, through the 6,200 established Nyumba Kumi clusters in the county.

He observed that it was the high time those engaged in the production and sale of the illicit liquors abandoned the practice in favour of income generating activities as the law will otherwise catch up with them.

“In the last one month we have destroyed 2,335 litres of chang’aa and 13, 089 litres of busaa and 310 people arrested and charged before court for engaging in the illicit brew business. The war on illicit brews in Kericho will continue, we shall strive to make Kericho County an illicit brew free County,” said Mbaruku.

Over 200 public administrators drawn from the six sub-counties notably Ainamoi, Belgut, Bureti, Soin/Sigowet, Londiani and Kipkelion were in attendance.

By  Sarah  Njagi

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