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County Commissioner Calls for Integrity in the Service to the Citizenry

Vihiga County Commissioner (CC) Felix Watakila has called on the security agencies and the National Government Administration Officers (NGAOs) to serve the people with integrity and dedication.

Mr Watakila asked the officers to resist the urge to demand bribes in the course of executing their duties so as to project a positive image of the public service.

He explained that taking bribes from those seeking services or any other assistance in a public office contravenes the Integrity Act and the perpetrator would be liable for punishment in line with the provisions of the Act.

He pointed out that the rampant consumption of illicit brews and land disputes are the main underlying causes of insecurity in the area.

The CC stated that criminals use chang’aa drinking dens as places of passing time as they wait for the night so they engage in mugging, robbery, and rape felonies.

The administrator, who was addressing the county security meeting attended by the NGAOs and the police, directed the Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs to crack down on the sale of illicit brews.

He advised the police to seek the views of their seniors before taking action on the eviction orders issued by the courts.

The officer urged the NGAOs to work closely with the police so that they are able to efficiently and effectively ensure law and order prevail in the county.

By Sammy Mwibanda

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