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County Commissioner Calls for Upholding of Children’s Rights

Vihiga County Commissioner Felix Watakila has called on parents and guardians to respect the rights of children.

Mr Watakila pointed out that some adult members of the society usually violate the rights of children by subjecting them to physical, emotional, and sexual violence.

The CC, who spoke at the Vihiga law courts during the children’s service week forum, lamented that his office had received numerous cases of defilement and in some instances, the crimes are committed by close relatives.

He asked the residents to uphold the traditional moral code of conduct that discouraged stray behaviour such as incest and promiscuity.

The administrator urged parents to fulfill their responsibilities by providing the basic needs for their offspring including food, shelter, clothing, and education.

He sounded a warning to parents who were abdicating their obligations by failing to provide for their families that they would be prosecuted for doing so.

The event was attended by among others children, parents, the police, local administrators, the judicial staff and civil society activists.

By Sammy Mwibanda


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