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County commissioner orders for a crackdown of a gang

Bungoma County Commissioner Thomas Sankei has ordered for an immediate crackdown of an organised gang known as “47 brothers” operating in Bungoma North Sub County and its environs.

Speaking at Ndalu division, Tongaren North Sub County, at Wanjia Ground, Sankei ordered all the security agencies to move with speed to curb the gang in the area.

The county boss noted that he has been receiving reports from the sub county of a gang that has been terrorising residents in the last few months.

He added that despite the apprehending of 22 suspected members of the gang, the county commissioner ordered for more police raids and swift response to remove the gangs from the community.

Sankei noted that in the past, the sub county was calm with few petty cases reported until recently, when the “47 brothers” came up to disrupt the peace of the people had been enjoying.

The same sentiments were also echoed to the youth idling at place called ‘jobless corner’ Ndalu market stating that that’s where criminal activities are planned and warned  them to desist and get something productive to engage them.

He called on the police to maintain a 24-hour vigil to curb stock theft in Tongaren Sub County which borders Kakamega and Trans Nzoia counties. He asked the public to provide any information that will help restore peace in the area.

He directed all chiefs and assistant chief with the help of nyumba kumi and village elders to profile all illegal brewers, sellers and drug peddlers with a view to apprehending them.

Sankei said most of the youth engage in vices in the society after consumption of illegal brew or drugs including bhang.

“I have also shut down all pool table business in the sub county since this is where gangs hide during the day,” he noted.

He called upon the youths who form illegal gangs, participate in stock theft and gambling to get something constructive to do such as farming since the security will not relent until peace and tranquility is restored.

On the other hand, the Commissioner raised an alarm on the high number of cases reported on teenage pregnancy, defilement cases, school drop outs in the sub county.

He called upon the chiefs there assists to swing into action to ensure that all culprits are arrested and arraigned in court.

Sankei also noted with concern matters on child protection after receiving a report that one child was caned said it was illegal and parent should opt for other means of punishment but not corporal punishment.

The Commissioner also noted with concern on land matters especially filing for succession, that he called upon the elderly in the Baraza to share land early enough to avoid too much land succession cases which others take long to be agreed upon.

He also cautioned land buyers to conduct due diligence to avoid complications that lead to attacks which threaten peaceful coexistence.

Sankei assured residents that he will follow up the proposed Administrative units by the sub county development committee to ensure that the people of Tongaren North get services at the door step.

By Douglas Mudambo

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