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County Commissioner urges churches to invest in security

Homa Bay County Commissioner Mr. Moses Lilan has urged the church to invest in security by employing security guards at their premises.

“Our experience indicates that some churches have been left unattended and without security. It would not be too much to ask the churches to invest in some form of security like getting a watchman or so because the property that is in the church is valuable,” Lilan said.

This statement comes after several reports of theft in churches by unknown people who get away with property of value within the places of worship.

The County Commissioner condemned such acts saying that it is an act of impunity, “If you find you have every reason to go and steal from the church, then I think you have sunk too low,” he stated.

Lilan said that the security personnel have entered into a partnership with the church and that they will advise the latter on ways of combating theft at their prayer houses.

“This will deter some of these behaviors we are seeing all around,” he noted.

The administrator spoke on Monday in a meeting with the clergy at Homa Bay Baptist Church where they discussed security issues in the county. He asked them to be ambassadors of peace by preaching the message of peace to the masses.

Lilan also asked the clergy to go out and fish for men whom he said are responsible for disturbing the peace as they lack knowledge of the church.

He further called for peace among members of the public, adding that they should abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling and resume their normal daily routine immediately.

“The Supreme Court has given its verdict so let us keep and maintain peace amongst ourselves as we are law abiding citizens and the fact that we are able to allow the court to arbitrate over our conflicts I think that is good enough,” said Lilan.

He appreciated the clergy for coming together and brainstorming on peace and security in the county.

By Sitna Omar


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