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County director opposes caning of students

The county director of Education in Kiambu  County has opposed the idea of introducing caning in schools as a way to instill discipline in the children.

            Ms. Victoria Mulili talking to KNA at the County Commissioner’s office said she did not support those who advocating for the re-introduction of corporal punishment in schools

            “The cane was outlawed by the government because it was misused by some teachers” she said.

            The director noted that  earlier when caning was allowed in school, some teachers who had their own challenges in their homes would report to the school and beat up their pupils mercilessly to a point of inflicting injuries on them.

Cabinet secretaries Adan Mohammed,Charles Keter and Rachel Omamo when they toured Kiambu Boys high school last week and encouraged them to be disciplined and concentrate on their studies so as to excell in their National examinations.

            By doing so, it was not that they were reprimanding them. “You cannot beat a child and inflict physical injuries in the name of reprimanding them” she stated.

            Those teachers were also using a cane which is not allowed and that is why its usage was outlawed in the learning institutions.”

            Ms. Mulili therefore advised parents to take up their role effectively in parenting. She said if they did so, then the growing number of incidents of burning of schools that are being witnessed since the time schools re-opened would not have taken place.

            She recalled that before the closure of schools in March 2020, there was no burning of school that was experienced. But now after the children stayed with their parents for 9 months, they have returned to schools with a mindset of destruction. It means there is a gap which has not been filled and it must be addressed before it got out of hand” she noted.

            Since schools re-opened on January 4th,2021, at least 5 schools have been torched in mysterious circumstances. In some schools, dormitories have been burnt down while in others, classes or administration blocks have gone down in flames.

            Over the weekend, the cabinet secretary said if any school was burnt down from now onwards, the Government will hold the school head responsible and the teacher on duty.This is a suggestion that the duo are expected to be residing within the school compound.

by Lydia Shiloya

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