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County focuses on monitoring health progress

Nakuru County’s Department of Health has shifted its focus from just developing Annual Work Plans (AWPs) to monitoring progress for the overall well-being of its residents, effective healthcare delivery, and sustainable development.

The County Executive Committee Member for Health, Jacqueline Osoro, today hosted a team from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to discuss the collaboration to support this initiative.

Osoro said JICA has committed to supporting the county through its already existing collaboration with the Ministry of Health to implement the project Strengthening Accountability in the Management of County Health Service (SAMACH), 2022–2029.

According to JICA Chief Advisor Shiko Mimose, SAMACH will tackle monitoring and evaluation challenges through an online tool. That allows the County Health Management Teams and Health Facilities to monitor the progress of the planned activities and identify bottlenecks before implementation has taken place.

“By monitoring and analysing the progress every quarter, the AWP will become a practical living document that can be used for the whole year, leading to better planning and implementation of healthcare services,” said Osoro.

She said monitoring health progress allows authorities to identify and address emerging health issues promptly. This includes the detection and control of infectious diseases, which can spread rapidly if not managed effectively.

Moreover, she said that by tracking health indicators, policymakers can allocate resources effectively, directing funds, personnel, and medical supplies to areas with the greatest need. Hence, optimising the impact of health innervations

Additionally, the County Executive said health monitoring helps in the formulation of effective public health policies, targeted interventions, and strategies. And it provides insight into the accessibility and quality of healthcare services.

Apart from that, she said a healthy population contributes to economic development, and monitoring progress helps in understanding the impact of health on productivity, workforce availability, and healthcare-related expenditures.

Finally, Mrs. Osoro said many international organisations and donors require health data for monitoring and evaluation purposes. Thus, having readily accessible, comprehensive data allows the county to participate in international collaborations and access funding for health programmes.

By Veronica Bosibori

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