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County government moves to tame African armyworms

Kajiado County government has initiated measures to control the spread of the African armyworms in several parts of the county.

According to a status report on African armyworm infestation in the county, the pest was first reported in Kajiado on December 17, 2022 in Nkama and Poka locations in Kajiado East Sub County and since then bands of the pest have also been reported in Kajiado South and Central Sub counties.

County Director for Agriculture, Victoria Nthenya said several hectares of pastureland and maize plantations have been affected.

Nthenya noted that immediately reports of invasion emerged, the department requested for equipment and agrochemicals from the Plant Protection and Food Safety Directorate of the State Department for Agriculture and is currently undertaking control measures in several parts of the county.

The highly infested areas already sprayed in Kajiado East Sub county include; Enkasiti, Olooloitikoshi, Kisaju, Ilpolosat, Oloosidan, Nkama and Poka locations.

However, in some areas like Erankau where invasion was minor, the pests died naturally due to the prevailing dry and sunny conditions.

In Kajiado South Sub County, Ilasit, Entarara,Oloolopon, Kiwanja, Olkaria, Entonet and Murtot areas have been sprayed on pastures and maize plantations.

Nkoile, Iseuri and Sajiloni areas in Kajiado Central Sub County have been sprayed while scouting and mapping is ongoing for Eiti location.

The director advised residents not to graze their livestock in areas where spraying has taken place for a period of one week to allow the potency of the chemicals to subside adding they are not safe for livestock and humans.

By Diana Meneto

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