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Gov’t urged to incorporate financial literacy in curriculum

Education stakeholders in Embu have asked the Government to consider incorporating financial literacy in Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

Susan Muthoni Mugera, a retired education officer said that the incorporation of financial literacy in the curriculum will instill financial discipline in students.

“Knowledge wise children should be able to be taught financial literacy as early as grade one, grade six and even junior secondary,” she said.

She said that investment should be nurtured quite early in children, adding that the future generation requires early identification of talents so that they can learn how to invest and save.

Speaking to the press at Kangaru Girls in Embu County, James Njue Machine Nawiri Sacco chairman urged the Ministry of Education to find a way of how it will incorporate financial literacy in CBC.

He noted that the inclusion of financial literacy will not only help the children but it will come back as a benefit to Kenya once the children are grown up because they are the next generation.

He also added that it will instill a savings culture in children. “Every country that needs to grow should teach its people on how to save,” he said.

Joseph Njeru Mugo, Chief Executive Officer Nawiri Sacco said that the inclusion of financial literacy in CBC will help in the growth of Kenya’s economy in the near future because it will encourage a savings and investments culture in the next generation.

By Justus Anzaya



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