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County governments urged to hire ECDE teachers 

County governments have been urged to hire more male Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers to eliminate the notion that ECDE is a preserve for female teachers.

According to the ECDE National Chairman, Lawrence Otunga, county governments across the country have often given preference to female teachers during the hiring of ECDE tutors.

Otunga disclosed that only 10% of ECDE teachers in the country are male, denying the young learners an opportunity to learn from the male gender.

He further revealed that during last ECDE recruitment in Siaya County 2016, a number of male applicants were turned away to give room for female teachers who were allegedly considered because they would take care of the learners’ cleanliness.

“ECD teaching entails more than making sure that the children are clean, it involves imparting of knowledge and life skills which should be best done by teachers from either gender,” Otunga said.

Otunga  who was addressing the press in Bondo said that there are aspects of life skills which are best imparted by male teachers and would complement other skills learnt from the female teachers.

“Learners especially those at the tender age need to learn the different gender roles at an early age so that they can appreciate everyone in life and for holistic learning experience,” Otunga said.

Otunga said that comparatively, more females train for ECDE course compared to men and are therefore more likely to dominate the sector.

He has therefore encouraged more men to enroll for ECDE training to so that they can not only change the notion about ECDE being a preserve for women but also effectively compete with them for the available job opportunities.

Otunga  who  was accompanied by  the ECDE Bondo Sub County Chairman, James  Awala on the other hand assured the public that they are pursuing justice for St. Paul Gulf Academy ECDE teacher, madam Evelyn Akinyi Otieno who was stabbed while in class by her husband two weeks ago.

He  said the matter is being handled by the police and the culprit who is on the run will soon be arrested and charged.

Awala  asked all ECDE teachers to register as members of the ECDE welfare for purposes of identification and support whenever need arises.

By  Brian Ondeng

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