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County integrated development plan to ensure inclusivity

Murang’a Deputy Governor (DG), Stephen Mburu says the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) for the year 2023-2027 will embrace equity and inclusion among residents.

Mburu said the county administration has been working on its CIDP, which is a development plan for the next five years, and once it has been finalized it will be tabled to the county assembly for further review and publishing.

The DG, while speaking on behalf of Governor Dr. Irungu Kang’ata after receiving members of National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) on Wednesday in his office, said the county is in the process of discussing matters of mainstreaming gender equality issues, and inclusivity of special interest groups in the development agenda.

“We have been working on our CIDP and some of the issues that have been discussed include inclusivity of children, youth and persons with disabilities” said Mburu adding that they will embrace new ideas from NGEC to improve the county policies and development plan.

Mburu divulged that the county has laid out a robust strategy, which addresses issues of child protection center and other social services like rehabilitation center and building capacity of institutions.

“The administration is aware that there isn’t a child protection centre in Murang’a,” he said, adding that the matter will be included in the development plan to facilitate proper service delivery to children.

The DG further said the county is focusing on building capacity of their institutions. This includes hospital facilities to enable them offer quality services to residents.

“We believe at the end of finalizing the process of coming up with our CIDP, the county will adequately be capable of allocating a budget to implement the vision we have towards our people,” he said.

Mburu further added that they will strengthen policy and legislative capacity to ensure that the county policies are all-inclusive in terms of also creating job opportunities.

“In an effort to promote mainstreaming of gender and social inclusion, the county has set aside tenders for special interest groups,” he said adding that the same strategy is used when advertising for job opportunities in the county.

By Anita Omwenga

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