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PWD warned against selling assistive tools

The People Living With Disability (PWD), have been warned against selling tools and equipment donated by government, to assist them transform their economic status

Mr. Isaac Aliyah, an Assistant Programme Officer at the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK), said all the PWDs that have been assisted are well documented and after sometime the fund officials will visit them to monitor and evaluate the utilization of the tools.

“We want to encourage each of the beneficiaries to use the tools to   improve the lives by engaging in economic activities,” he said.

The Officer asked Chiefs and their Assistant in the Sub-county to assist in the monitoring and evaluations, so that anybody who wants to convince the PWDs to sell their tools is deterred.

He said the government has taken the initiative to give these items to encourage PWDs to earn their own living devoid of begging.

The Programme Officer was speaking, Thursday, when he distributed donation worth Sh. 320,000, comprising assistive devices such as crutches and wheel chairs, sewing machines, hair salon kits, carpentry kits, welding toolkits and masonry tools among others, to eleven residents living with disabilities in Rachuonyo East Sub-county at Ramula ground.

“If the tools become faulty or breakdown, you should be able to repair them,” the official said, adding the fund for the disabled can only replace assistive devices.

We give them these tools in order for them to be self-reliant and be part of nation building,” he said, as he called for more applicants so that all the disabled are reached and assisted.

The application forms, he said, are available at the Deputy County Commissioner’s office.

By Moseti Julius

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