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Embu Deputy Governor (DG) Kinyua Mugo has said that the county is focused on delivering on its health agenda to Embu residents.

The DG who spoke when he flagged off the second consignment of medical and non-pharmaceutical drugs at Embu Level 5 Hospital worth Sh5.2 Million said that Governor Cecily Mbarire is determined to ensure that all Embu residents can access decent and affordable health care.

The Deputy Governor said that within their one month in office, they have carried out a fact-finding mission in all the county healthcare systems in the county and identified key concern areas that Mbarire’s administration is going to focus on in order to ensure that all county health systems are back to operations.

He added that the county is committed to ensure that every resident has access to high class and affordable healthcare and that no resident will go to an expensive hospital.

“Our promise to the people is that our health system will soon be back to full life and all residents will have access to high class and affordable healthcare,” said Mugo.

The Deputy Governor said that despite the efforts by the County Government to restore the county health systems back to life, there are still some efforts by few individuals to undermine their work.

He cautioned any individual who might be found stealing medical and non-pharmaceutical drugs and selling them to private hospitals or chemists that they will be arrested and taken to court.

The DG added that Mbarire’s administration is going to supply effective computers in all the county health facilities for hospitals to have an efficient data management system.

Mugo also said that Mbarire’s administration will be providing all county health facilities’ superintendents with a standing imprest to enable the hospitals run smoothly when it needs any items that require small budgets.

The Deputy Governor also called on Embu residents to ensure that they are enrolled with NHIF so that they can be able to access affordable healthcare.

Mugo also added that the county is still in process of acquiring more medical and non-pharmaceutical drugs to ensure that all county hospitals are well stocked so that when Embu residents visit the hospitals, no one will be told to go and buy medicine from private chemists.

By Justus Anzaya  

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