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Stray dogs invade villages in Murang’a

Residents of Wema Village in Kigumo Sub-county of Murang’a, are up in arms after a pack of marauding stray dogs invaded theirs homes to feed on their livestock.

The residents claimed that within a period of two weeks, the canines had killed more than 20 sheep.

On Monday when the KNA visited the village, the local residents expressed fears that the marauding dogs pose danger to their lives, especially school going children.

Wema Village resident, Stanley Kamande Muli, narrating how stray dogs attacked and killed his three sheep. Photo by Bernard Munyao

One of the residents, Stanley Kamande Muli, lost three sheep after they were attacked and feasted on by the dogs.

“There are a number of dogs which we assume have rabies. They attacked my three sheep worth sh 15, 000. Now we are scared they may start attacking residents,” lamented Muli.

He said his livestock were gracing near his homestead when they were mauled by a group of about six dogs.

Another resident, Grace Wanjiru, decried she lost two of her goats which were attacked while she was at her shamba.

“I went to cultivate in my nearby shamba only to return home and found my two goats had been killed by the stray dogs. They have left without any livestock,” said Wanjiru.

She continued “we are even afraid to let our children go to school alone as they may be attacked by the dogs.”

The residents called upon owners of the dogs to kill them as they are subjecting the locals to live in fear.

“We may be forced to kill the dogs if their owners will not take the necessary actions. We also appeal to the veterinary department to come out and vaccinate dogs in this village against rabies.

Many of the locals in the area are now arming themselves with pangas, rungus and other crude weapons so as to protect themselves from the marauding dogs.

By Bernard Munyao

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