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County offers Sh8 million bursary in Budalangi Sub County

More than 2,000 needy students from Bunyala Sub County have received financial support from Busia County Government.

Speaking to the press during the launch of the bursary at Siagonjo Stadium on Tuesday, John Muriuki, Chief Officer for Education and Technical Training, said that 2,503 students from secondary schools and tertiary learning institutions benefited from the Sh8 million disbursement.

“I want to urge principals and managers of the various learning institutions to give parents ample time to look for the remaining fee balances instead of sending students back home for fees,” said Muriuki.

He exuded confidence that the bursary allocation by the County government would be enhanced during the 22023-2024 financial year so that more needy students could be supported.

Busia County CEC for Public Service, Administration and Gender Affairs, Andrew Nakitare said that that students from Secondary, Technical and Vocational Training Institutions, KMTC and Universities drawn from Bunyala Sub County had been given priority due to the havoc suffered by their patents after Lake Kanyaboli broke a dyke in Siaya County causing floods in the area.

Nakitare disclosed that the former regime had allocated only Sh40 million as bursary for the entire County during the 2022-2023 financial year but this has been increased to Sh127 million through the supplementary budget.

Bunyala West MCA Carl Benz Mabali urged parents to be patient and visit the ward office to confirm the names of students who have been considered for support by the bursary kitty.

He urged the national government and other well-wishers to extend their support so that more students could access education.

By Victoria Magar and Salome Alwanda

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