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County security team asked to enhance security in conflict areas

Coast Regional Commissioner Mr John Elungata has asked the Tana River County Security Committee to end sporadic insecurity incidents taking place in Bangale and Madogo divisions.

Mr Elungata said an incident occurred in Bangale area one month ago whereby one person died after being shot, adding that three other people were reportedly killed in Madogo division three months back following conflicts between two communities in the area.

Speaking at Boji area in Tana River while overseeing the official operation of a Mango fruit processing plant which will reduce post-harvest losses and improve the income of mango farmers in the county.

The Regional Commissioner called on the County Security Committee to ensure that insecurity incidents are contained so that peaceful environment could prevail in the area.

He said, “the security committee should control the situation in order to avoid escalation as we move towards the next year’s general elections.”

He also said the conflicts between the pastoralists and farmers in Tana Delta Sub County have reduced because the two communities have agreed to share water and pasture resources peacefully.

The Regional Commissioner also asked parents to ensure that their school going children are allowed to continue with their learning activities instead of withdrawing them to go and harvest mangoes and engaging in Boda boda business.

He further urged parents and teachers to work as a team in order to improve the education performance in Tana River County.

He said the County has not been performing well in national examinations due to cases of absenteeism, drop-outs cases, early pregnancy and early marriages.

By Simon Guruba

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