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County to construct monumental structures in honor of 11 Mau Mau fighters 

Tana River is set to construct monumental structures to honor the composers of the Kenya national anthem tune and11 gallant Kenyans who were massacred in 1959.

Governor Dhadho Godhana revealed that plans are underway to relocate the Hola prison and the former detention camp to be preserved as a heritage site. Godhana said the national government has accepted their quest.

As the clamor for independence was gaining momentum, colonialists imprisoned a number of freedom fighters in Hola before they were massacred and buried in a mass grave located at the present Mau Mau Girls Secondary School.

“My administration has finalized the proposal and design of the tower of Anthem, Pillar of Independence, Garden of Anthem, and the tower of Graves,’’ said Godhana in his speech which was delivered by Deputy Governor Mahadh Loka on Mashujaa day at Hola stadium.

“Our quest to have the Hola prison preserved as a heritage site has been granted, and plans to relocate the current prison are underway,” Godhana said, adding that the county is proud to have played a part in the fight to have a free Kenya and history books can attest.

“Hola Prison, which is less than 500 meters from this ground, is the site where the brave souls of our land stayed true to the oath they had taken to fight for their motherland and later paid the ultimate price,” said the Governor.

Godhana challenged the Tana River people to espouse the spirit of Mau Mau fighters in their daily lives by being steadfast in what they believe in and focusing on the positive things.

“You must have heard of the Hola Massacre, which was an outcome of the high-handedness of the colonialists in dealing with Kenyan fighters who could not yield to their demands,” stated the Governor.

The Governor also saluted Richard Uleo, Israel Godhana, Meza Galana, and Chadhoro Tutu, whose tune of a Pokomo lullaby was used to compose the national anthem that encapsulates patriotism.

By Sadik Hassan

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