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County  to  export  labour

The  Elgeyo  Marakwet  County  will  soon  start exporting skilled labour from its vocational training centres to Finland after the  signing of a partnership between the county and officials from the Finish government earlier in the year.

Governor  Alex  Tolgos  therefore called on youths to enroll in the vocational institutes, saying going to such an
institution is not a last option as people think but one gains technical skills which are marketable worldwide.

Speaking  when he opened the  AIC Chesewew  VTC in Marakwet East sub county, the governor said his government would ensure  that it equips the centres with the necessary equipment and staff to ensure that their graduates meet international standards.

“We  will also construct a new road to this institute which will link it to Chesoi to ensure there was easy access instead  of taking the long route to Metipsoo,” said the county boss.

Other improvements expected according to the governor was connection to power which he said will be done soon.

The  governor  added  that the county government will invite those taking the food and beverage course to provide catering  services during county functions, saying this way they will not only gain experience but also raise revenue for  their  institution.

The  institution offers Building and Construction, Masonry, garment making, food and beverages and hair dressing among  others.

Tolgos  encouraged all youths to take the courses offered irrespective of gender, noting that out of the 19 students
undertaking building and construction course at the Chesewew centre, only one is female.

“Let  us not shy away from taking any course as long as we have the passion as there is no course which was tailored towards a particular gender,” the governor said.

By  Alice  Wanjiru

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