County women groups to access interest-free loans, says Ngilu

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Women and youth groups in Kitui County will access interest-free loans from the County Government of Kitui Governor,  Charity  Ngilu has revealed.

Speaking  on Monday at Itoleka during the annual general meeting for the area Financial Services Association (FSA), Ngilu said the groups would access loans from the County Empowerment Fund.

She said that was a rare opportunity offered by her government to promote women and empower the youth as stipulated in her service manifesto.

“The empowerment kitty will benefit groups and improve our peoples’ lives. This will improve the livelihoods of the common mwananchi,” she said.

The Governor said the fund will boost businesses and assist farmers among other sectors.

She lauded the financial institution for the work they are doing in empowering the community in Ukambani where the bank has more than 28 branches.

“I am delighted that over 18, 000 members from Itoleka FSA have changed their lives positively through the services they get from FSA Services, under the leadership of Emma Kimani who is the CEO FSA Kenya, and the Manager Itoleka  FSA, Patrick  Wambua who has done exemplary well in Kitui region,” she said.

Ngilu added that her government would work with all government arms as the law stipulates to deliver her manifesto to the residents.

By  Yobesh Onwong’a

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