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Court Fines two for abusing women

A Kiambu Court has slammed two men with a fine of Sh10, 000 or face a three months jail term for assaulting women in various parts of Kiambu County.

Kiambu Resident Magistrate (RM), Ms. Rita Orora, said in default the duo will each serve three months imprisonment.

Bernard Kinuta, pleaded guilty to assaulting Agnes Wanjiku Mwaura at Turuti Village of Kiambu County while Joseph Kimani Mwaura pleaded guilty to creating disturbance at Ruaka Trading Centre by threatening to physically hurt Mercy Anyango Agingu with his fists. They had committed the offence on December 3rd this year.

The Prosecution Counsel, Mr. Steve Omwenga, told the Court that Kinuta had arrived in the house where he stayed and woke up his sister’s children. After they woke up, he started beating the two boys and when they raised alarm, their mother woke up and intervened. It was at this time that the accused hit her and sent her sprawling on the floor.

In the 2nd case, the complainant was at Tumaini Hotel where she worked with the accused. Mr. Omwenga told Court that on the material day, the accused came to the workplace while drunk and started touching the complainant inappropriately.

“He touched her breasts and buttocks and she was annoyed and asked him to stop disturbing her as she had a husband.

He said that it was at this juncture when the accused started pulling the complainant and later pushed her onto a location where beans were being boiled in the kitchen for no apparent reason.

The complainant was almost burnt by the boiling beans. He was ejected from the scene by members of the public who with the help of his boss, handed him over to the police who took him to Kiambu Police Station.

He was, thereafter, charged with the offence after preliminary investigations. In mitigation, he told the Court that he was diabetic and that the complainant had disrespected him, a thing that provoked him to retaliate.

Kinuta told the Court that he assisted in the last census exercise in pointing the houses for the officers in his neighborhood.

He further explained to the Court that what irked him to discipline his nephews was that he found them dressed in ladies’ clothes and wondered what they were up to.

“When I woke them up they were in dresses and I had to discipline them as they could not explain why they were in such attire and that was when their mother who is my sister woke up and a scuffle ensued and she fell down, hurting herself,” he added.

They were not able to raise the fine and they were processed to be handed over to the Kiambu GK prison.

By Lydia Shiloya


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