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Court moves to weed out fraudsters, brokers

Thika Law courts has embarked on an exercise to weed out fraudsters posing as court officials, ending up defrauding unsuspecting clients millions of shillings in the pretense that they will help clear their cases.

Chief Magistrate Stella Atambo said working closely with investigating agencies and the area deputy county commissioner’s office, they have managed to track down brokers who hover around government offices to con clients.

Speaking during a stakeholders meeting at the court, Atambo said Thika court being a busy institution, attracts all manner of brokers and conmen, who pretend to be court officials or are in a position to help clients.

She said prior to the weed-out exercise, the conmen used to work closely with court officials to make files of interest get lost, thus annulling some cases.

Some of the other interventions include the ongoing digitization process that she said has helped streamline operations and that no file can miss from the court registry.

“Before the interventions, it was a mess. The brokers in collaboration with some court officials would make some files taken off from the registry. However, things are different now, it’s no longer a market place. As court officials, we have also streamlined our operations and we have targets to reduce backlog, “she said.

The Magistrate at the same time said the court has made major strides in clearing case backlog at the main court particularly through the launch of the small claims court a year ago.

The courts, she said, have helped in speedy determination of cases that require compensation from accused parties.

“In the small claims courts, we have not only reduced our backlog but also helped in speeding up compensations among those involved at a tune of Sh200 million during the said period, “she said.

She said they are also working with the police and the locals to partake in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in efforts to reduce the backlog.

This, she said, would ensure petty cases are closed at the police station. “It will also help decongest our prisons, ” she said.

By Muoki Charles

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