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Court Remands Ethiopian Aliens

A Kiambu court has remanded 21 Foreigners believed to be Ethiopians Nationals at Kasarani police station of Nairobi County to allow the police to record statements from them.

            Kiambu Chief Magistrate Ms.Stella Atambo allowed police to detain the foreigners for 10 days so that the prosecution can identify some who will testify in a human trafficking case in which they have been unlawfully found to be present in Kenya.

            Leading the prosecution, senior state counsel Mr.Donnex Ongira told the court that he intended to have a special hearing of the case so that the respondents can testify and be repatriated to their home because of costs implications.

            During the proceedings, the man who is believed to have been trafficking them aboard a motor vehicle Toyota Noah reg. No KCH 573 C driven by Abdi Mohammed Abubakar was charged with the offence and pleaded not guilty to the charge. His application for bond terms will be delivered on January 12, 2021.

During the rescue Daniel Zeleke Abale was found in possession of an Ethiopian passport No.EP607468 which had no valid visa from Kenya immigration services while the other 20 victims did not have any identification documents in their possession.

The suspects are Abinet Assaw Ahebo, Akilo Ismael Aliu, Daniel Zeleke Abure, Barasa Baleta Wolde, Eliasi Tadea Lajore, Branu Zaleka Dabmo, Degafa Allba Takiso, Eliasi Bekele Buzna, Chake ni Nakala Kormo, Thomas Dagaba Gode, Akililu Dejamo Hiramo,Haimat Mashakalo Herman, Jamani Hawara Madebo, Abraham Tazama Mawebo, Tajiri Tahadhari Elbalo, Kalembo Alamayo Friore,Sambaru Tadea Beyero, Beniam Migistu lobiso, Samuel Bayena Erose, Mose Kadir Mohammed and Abshe Ayela Zeleka.

            Among the suspects are a 10 and 17 year old whom the magistrate directed that they be accorded special treatment since they were minors. They are suspect no.2 and 8.

            The order was made following a miscellaneous application No 6/2021 made by Pc Millicent Koga an investigator with the DCI attached to transnational organized crime unit who sought to be allowed 10 days to enable her complete investigating the case.

            She told the court that she was investigating a case of trafficking in persons contrary to section 3(1) (d) as read with section 3(5) of counter trafficking in persons act no 8 of 2010.

            She said that at the time of rescue, 13 were found in servant quarter in Kitengela while 8 were found aboard a motor vehicle along the Muranga-Nairobi highway when the driver was ordered to stop for routine checkup.

            The officer further told the court that she needed to verify the passport of one of the suspected immigrants to ascertain if it was authentic. She also intends to seek an interpreter from the Ethiopian embassy to enable her communicate with the respondents who do not understand English or Kiswahili language.

            The case will be mentioned on January 19th under special hearing to enable the Government to facilitate repatriation of the foreigners back to their country of origin.

By Lydia Shiloya

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