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Covid- 19 Materials Delivered in Turkana

Turkana Deputy Governor and the co- chair of County Emergency Response Committee Peter Lotethiro Wednesday witnessed the official receipt of the first batch of Covid-19 supplies worth Sh20 million donated by Kenya Devolution Support Programme (KDSP).


The supplies which included the specialized N95 masks, surgical masks, re-usable masks, thermos-guns, liquid soap, reflector jackets, patient uniforms as well as posters with Covid19 messages in both English and Ngiturkan will be distributed throughout the county in a week’s time.


Speaking during the event at the county headquarters, Lotethiro explained that the Kenya Devolution Support Program (KDSP) is a World Bank funded initiative spearheaded by both the counties and national government aimed at building the capacity of the devolved units. This year, the funding is geared towards supporting initiatives to combat Covid-19.


Lotethiro added that the supplies would go a long way in addressing critical issues such as insufficient PPEs, inadequate supply of essential medical commodities and community health volunteers and sensitizing communities with limited awareness on Covid-19 prevention.


While recognizing the supporting role played by both the county department of health services as well the economic planning unit, Lotethiro called upon the concerned officers to ensure full alignment of the interventions with the requirements expected of it by World Bank as well the government of Kenya.


The deputy governor also said that the county will continue to source for more Covid-19 supplies so as to upscale the prevention measures to the grassroots level.


According to the programme, 200 health facilities and government offices are expected to be supplied with liquid soap for hand washing before entry. The programme will also see to it that thermo guns are availed more readily, while sensitization of the local communities will be conducted through local radios in native languages.


Additionally, the programme has set aside funds for training of about 300 CHVs in high risk areas on basic handling and management of Covid-19 patients.


While addressing the media during the event, the county executive for health Services Jane Ajele clarified that Turkana had only 21 active cases at the moment.


Ajele clarified that though the total case load had surged to 88 cases, the county medical staff had managed to treat and release 67 cases after attaining full recovery.


The county executive also said that for the first time since the first case was reported in Turkana more than four months ago, Kanamkemer Sub County Hospital which is the county Covid-19 treatment center had no Coronavirus patient.


Ajele also joined Lotethiro in appreciating efforts of the media in sensitizing residents about the infectious disease.


They called upon the media to intensify the spirit and strengthen advocacy in order to contain the pandemic.


Moving forward, KDSP grant which is expected to fast track post Covid-19 economic recovery by supporting the critical sectors of Trade, Health and Agriculture is expected to inject more than 100 million in the second phase of the programme.


By Peter Gitonga


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