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Floods cause Havoc in Kuresoi

Residents at Sirikwa ward in Kuresoi North have been urged to stay away from flood-prone areas to avert possible deaths following the heavy rains pounding the area.

Addressing local residents at Sirikwa centre, area MCA, Alfred Mutai observed that there was need for people to be extra vigilant and not ignore the directives given by the leaders to curb destruction caused by floods.
He said that some areas might experience flush floods thus the need for taking early precautionary measures.
His sentiments come days after a woman who had gone to fetch firewood was swept away by raging floods but was lucky to have been rescued by locals and taken to a nearby hospital where she is recuperating.
On their part, the residents are a worried lot for fear of contracting waterborne diseases, losing their property and destruction of their farms due to the heavy rains and hence urging the leaders to find a lasting solution to this menace that causes them sleepless nights whenever the long rains season arrives.
Additionally they pointed out that the roads have also been damaged when rivers burst their banks.
They asked the leaders to ensure that their drainage systems are functional.

By Emily Kadzo

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