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Kalembe Ndile calls for recognition of herbalists in combating Covid-19

Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile is appealing to the National government to recognize the crucial role played by herbalists in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
Ndile who was addressing the press in Machakos on Sunday said that the government should test traditional remedies by consulting with herbalists given that there is no known cure for coronavirus.
He reiterated that our country’s goal ought to be protecting ourselves from the virus adding that herbalists in the country have always treated many diseases with symptoms similar to those of Covid-19.
“We truly respect the role of traditional medicine men. There is a significant amount of people who consult them and we cannot overlook that,” he said adding that most herbalists are quite talented.
Ndile asked the State to allow researchers to make these natural herbs into clinical medicine and extract the coronavirus vaccines from the same if they are found viable.
The former legislator further bewailed the negative impact of Covid-19, which has crippled the global economy and could potentially cause an irreversible economic meltdown, consequences of which might be too much for some countries.
“It is about time for us to save the world. Tomorrow may be too late. Let’s all keep safe,” he said.
Last week, Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina unveiled a concoction prepared with Artemisia, a plant with proven efficacy in malaria treatment.
Rajoelina who sipped the dose said the herbal tea gives results within seven days adding that the product heals and is not harmful to the body, AfricaNews reported.
According to Cameroonian naturapathic doctor, Anselme Kouam, a simple infusion of garlic or ginger, with some mint extract boiled in water, then poured into a bowl, would do the trick when one covers his head with a blanket, lowers his head and inhales the fumes.
According to Kouam, this clears the airway and is effective against coronavirus though he confesses that he has not yet administered it to a Covid- 19 victim, the Daily Monitor newspaper reported.
The Ministry of Health statistics indicate that Kenya has recorded 363 coronavirus cases, 14 deaths and 114 recoveries as of April 27.
The Covid-19 disease which was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 has killed at least 207, 933 people with at least 3, 015, 298 infections and 888, 543 recoveries as of April 28 according to Worldometer’s count
By Rachael Kilonzo

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