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Crack down on Gangs Link to killing of two Lamu Chiefs to Intensify

The  national government has voiced its resolve to tackle rising insecurity in Lamu East constituency following Wednesday’s killing of Mbwajumwali Location Chief, Mohammed Famau and Myabogi Assistant Chief, Malik Athman.

The  two public officers were hacked to death by men disguised in “Burqa” and hijab scarf to mask themselves from detection.

Presiding over a somber Jamhuri day celebration  on Thursday in Amu Island, Lamu County Commissioner (CC), Macharia Irungu stated that it will no longer be business as usual in light of the spate of killings of public officials that has so far seen three chiefs from the same area dead since last year.

Also  killed by unknown assailants in a similar hacking fashion was a Red Cross official Amina Bakari who was also hacked to death in broad daylight with no witnesses coming forward to aid security officers investigate the crime.

Last month, Police Constable Stephen Anunda was also brutally murdered in the same area, as he was making his way to work yet no leads have been forthcoming.

The  Lamu CC  stated that members of the public need to aid the police in resolving such incidences if the security situation in Kizingitini is to improve.

He further said that the national government will change its approach in how it tackles insecurity issues in Lamu East which has been a hotbed of unresolved murder crimes and drug abuse.

“It will no longer be business as usual, especially now that criminals can walk into a government office and execute such a heinous crime,” Irungu stated.

He also told members of the public that they needed to be forthright with regards to such crimes being committed in their village or else it they would continue to suffer from insecurity.

The Lamu County Commissioner, Macharia Irungu during the Jamhuri Day Celebrations.   two chiefs on Thursday December 12, 2019. Photo by KNA.

Coast Interfaith Chairman, Mohammed Abidkadir who also spoke at the function condemned the killing stating that it is unfortunate that criminals from a small village in Lamu could taint the county’s name.

“It is taboo to kill, especially in this instance when criminals can resort to killing its leaders in cold bold as they did yesterday,” Abdikadir said.

He further implored Lamu East residents not to hide these criminals whom he stated were living among them.

Sentiments echoed by Tourism and Lands CEC Fahima Araphat who condemned the killings saying that such reports are likely to hurt the county’s image as a tourism haven.

She further said that the County Government will stand with the national government through this period adding that Mbwajumwali residents need to step up and aid the government in stamping out violent gangs in the area.

Muhuri Kenya Lamu Officer Habib Ali who also spoke to KNA on the sidelines further reiterated that the national government needs to reign in on these gangs who are out to make Kizingitini ungovernable.

By  Amenya  Ochieng

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