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Crackdown on Non-Revenue water in Narok

Narok Water and Sewerage Company (NARWASCO) has launched a crackdown exercise aimed at curbing the Non-Revenue Water that undermines the services at the company.

The crackdown that began in the lower Majengo estate of Narok town saw eight illegal consumers arrested for illegally connecting water to their premises and evading paying water bills.

Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde said the government had instituted a Water Police Unit in the county that will guard against water theft and provide security in major water points where equipment has been vandalised.

“The eight arrested will be taken to court and serve as an example of many others who make illegal connections and those who do not pay bills,” he said, adding that the company needs the money for general management of the water sector.

Masinde asked residents to give information of people who connect water illegally in their premises so that they can be punished accordingly.

The crackdown, he said, will be carried out in all other major towns like Olulunga, Suswa and Kilgoris where the company supplies water.

The NARWASCO Managing Director (MD) Justus Lemein said the county loses 40 percent of its water to the Non-Revenue Water which is far higher than the national average of 18 per cent.

Lemein said the company is working to reduce the non-revenue water to below 20 per cent by the end of the year following the establishment of a water police unit in the area.

He reminded the residents that illegal connections attract a high fine of over Sh30, 000, which is more expensive than paying the monthly water bills.

For those with large bills, the MD asked them to visit his office and sign a commitment letter on how they plan to clear their bills without being disconnected.

“I request residents not to illegally connect water because when water is stolen, it becomes difficult to pay salaries and repair the pipes, punishing the innocent,” he added.

NARWASCO Chairman Moses Samante said 80 per cent of the town residents enjoy clean water from the company and asked residents to cooperate so that the company can attain 100 per cent.

By Ann Salaton

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