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Crime reduces following Kazi Mtaani

Mlolongo Sub Chief Florence Kiyo has commended the Government over kazi mtaani initiative saying it reduced crime rate in Mlolongo and improved the livelihood of the young people in Machakos County.

Addressing a KNA team in her office at Mlolongo, Kiyo said that Kazi Mtaani was a skill-based programme, which involved training that empowered over 7, 000 youths in Machakos County.

“Some of the beneficiaries of the programme in Mlolongo have started their own businesses, quit crime and they now take care of their families”, the Chief said.

Kiyo said that the Kazi Mtaani initiative was a big relief to the youths to facilitate their living since most of them had lost their jobs due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The initiative also shaped the youths from using drugs or stealing and has left them with legal means of survival, she added.

She said that Mlolongo has become a safe place since the initiative started with most of the youths who were trained during the initiative now busy operating their own businesses and were no longer in crime

“With the Covid 19, the youths who depended on casual jobs were highly affected after most of the companies closed and the majority had lost their jobs. When this initiative began, it was a big relief since they could earn money to pay rent and feed their families,” said Kiyo.

“The county government and the national government ensured that the youths were linked up with people who could teach them about tree planting, HIV awareness and how to deal with marital issues. We used to have visitors and investors who would talk to the youths, train them on various aspects as well as encourage them,” Kiyo noted.

She added that the Kazi Mtaani initiative has left most of the youths with businesses in Mlolongo. She attributed this to the initiative which led youths to form groups which were registered for business including honey and poultry groups as well as selling second hand clothes.

Environment wise, she added that they kept Mlolongo clean and ensured that roads and schools were cleaned and undertook the tree planting.

Kiyo termed the Kazi mtaani programme as a creative initiative which shaped the youths towards identifying their skills and potential, which they converted into business ideas that earned them a living.

“We started making masks last year when the pandemic was at its peak. We engaged those who had skills and by the time schools were opened we had made over 5, 000 face masks for the children and distributed them in our public schools,” added the Sub Chief.

Kiyo finally urged the youths to concentrate on their businesses and avoid crime.

By Conceptah Isanya and Ann Kangero


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