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Cruel mother burns step daughter

A  step  mother  at  a  village in Bunyala Sub County  on  Wednesday  reportedly doused her 11-year-old daughter’s hands in paraffin  and then burnt them accusing her of stealing sh. 300.

As  a  result, the  standard  four  pupil  at  Lugare  Primary  School is currently being treated for the burns  at Port  Victoria  health facility where she was rushed by a Good Samaritan.

A  neighbor, Mary  Anyango, said she saw the minor exhibiting signs of being in pain as she sought help from passersby.“I saw the child just passing by my house but looking like she was in great pain. I called her and later realized that she  had burns on the hands,” said  Anyango.

Anyango  said she took the minor to Mau Mau police post from where she was directed to report the matter to Port Victoria   police  post  before being referred to Port  Victoria  health facility.

The  step mother identified as Vivian  Aumais  said to have disappeared after committing the heinous act.

The  Bunyala Sub County Children’s Officer, Patrick  Mukolwe  said he has sent his officers to the home to establish the   truth after which they will take the necessary action.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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