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CS Chelugui assumes Labour docket

Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui yesterday took over the Labour office as the new CS from the outgoing Cabinet Secretary Amb. Ukur Yatani who has moved to the National Treasury and Planning Ministry following this week reshuffle by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the Labour offices at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) building on Thursday, Chelugui who was the CS for Water and Sanitation assured Kenyans that he will help develop policies and strengthen institutions within the ministry.

“We will have a lot of engagements with the employers and employees to ensure we harmonize and synergize the tripartite agreements in the labour movement,” said Chelugui.

Incoming Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Simon Chelugui makes a speech at Social Security House on Thursday,16th January 2020 when he was handed over office by the outgoing Cabinet Secretary Amb. Ukur Yattani who was moved to The National Treasury docket. Witnessing are: Nelson Marwa, Principal Secretary Social Protection (left) and Principal Secretary for Labour Peter Tum (2nd left).

He extended a door of good will and open arms to the union leaders, workers and employers, saying that his ministry welcomes an open door policy where unions can continue to champion collective agreement terms and conditions.

“We would want to anchor labour movements in this country as a source of wealth creation because the competitiveness of our country relies and depends on the ability of the workforce,” Chelugui explained.

In his remarks, CS Yattani cited corruption in various units within the ministry as some of the challenges the office has been trying to eradicate.

Yattani stressed, “We want to make sure resources are used for the intended purpose,” and added “There has to be zero tolerance to corruption and if officers are not aligned, they will go to institutions that give them temporary repeal, we must not allow that,” he said.

Yattani called upon Labour ministry stakeholders to support Chelugui in fastening the reforms he had started in the ministry.

He at the same time said there is need for the ministry to improve the productivity of workers to enable the country meet the developed countries standards.

During the ceremony the Ministry’s new Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick Ole Ntutu also took over his role.

By KNA Team

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