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CS drums up support for BBI report

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative Cabinet Secretary (CS) Peter Munya has called on Kenyans to rally behind the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).
Mr Munya said that the long-awaited BBI report is a unifying process that should be supported by all leaders and residents.
He said when it is released people should read and take a stand on the report saying it contains some important recommendations that means well for the country.
Munya said the BBI report contains crucial views of wananchi and experts on how to reform the political, governance and electoral systems.
The CS spoke on Tuesday in the company of senior ministry officials while on a tour of fishing villages at Shimoni, Gazi and Kibuyuni in Kwale County where he held meetings with Beach Management Units (BMUs) and seaweed farmers.
Munya said the BBI process needs grassroots support since it seeks to end among other things hostility among diverse communities in the country.
The cabinet secretary said the report will in the long run ensure accountability, transparency and integrity in the management of public affairs in the country.
He said the report advocates for inclusivity and representation of marginalised groups especially women and youth through leadership positions.
Munya said the BBI process does not target to harm, isolate or benefit individuals as claimed by a section of the political class.
He said the process seeks to restructure the government to allow for an expanded executive that reflects the face of Kenya.
“Some individuals are against the BBI initiative saying it is meant to hurt them as if BBI is a bullet,” he said adding that those opposed to it are out to merely politicise the process.
He said it is ten years since the promulgation of the Constitution on August 27, 2010 and therefore it is ripe for significant amendments.
Munya said the BBI focus is collectively to unite all Kenyans irrespective of their political affiliations or whichever region they come from.
He said the BBI contains recommendations on how to strengthen devolution and devolve more resources, which will spread development across the country.
“This is an initiative that seeks to strengthen devolution through more resource allocation to the devolved units,” he said.
He said with BBI more resources would be dispatched to the counties for the devolved units to realise meaningful development and offer quality services at the grassroots.

“Devolution continues to transform the counties hence the need to nurture and protect it from those out to frustrate the process,” he said.
By Hussein Abdullahi

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