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CS Owalo launches Free Public Wi-Fi Service at Marikiti Market

Information, Communications and the Digital Economy CS Eliud Owalo has officially launched a free public Wi-Fi service at Marikiti market in the larger Muthurwa area, Nairobi after a recent launch in the City Market.

The launch comes at the backdrop of the government prioritizing the internet to the citizens in line with its pledge for universal access to all, where 25, 000 hotspots will be established up to the grassroots level.

Speaking during the launch, the CS stated that after City market and Marikiti Market, the next free public Wi-Fi is slated to be launched next week in Kiambu, as part of the government’s strategy to boost businesses.

Owalo said that the free public Wi-Fi service in the markets will enable business people and citizens to trade with each other through online marketing.

“I recently witnessed the launch of the Kabete technology hub by the president after which, youths who were unemployed are currently making up to Sh 100,000,” Owalo revealed, adding that with the decrease in corporate jobs, unemployed youth can benefit more if they take up tech jobs such as content creation.

He urged the youth to exploit and utilize the hustler fund and set up businesses to deal with the menace of poverty.

The CS who spoke in the Swahili dialect to reach the majority of the audience, promised to cater for the displaced private Wi-Fi which was an ongoing project of the youth in the area, continuously maintain the government’s free public Wi-Fi service and take up other grievances not related to ICT including security, road accessibility, congestion and poor sanitation to the relevant authorities.

At the same time, the Chairman of the ICT Authority Board, Prof. Fredrick Owino insisted that the government is going to work with all the 47 counties starting with Nairobi for positive use only.

“The internet is a double-edged sword and the Authority is emphasizing on its good use only,” stated Prof. Owino, adding that he was contented by the county leadership’s commitment to protect the free public Wi-Fi service infrastructure once erected.

By Michael Omondi

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