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Dawood Wants Covid-19 Kitty for Jobless

North Imenti MP Rahim Dawood wants both the national and county governments to consider cushioning all Kenyans in need of food supply owing to the economic shutdown caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Dawood said the government should go beyond the known vulnerable groups in provision of relief adding that many Kenyans who used to fend for their families have lost the means of earning livelihoods making them vulnerable to hunger.
He said currently many people have been rendered jobless but have families to feed hence the need for all partners to come together to support the vulnerable until the pandemic dissipates.
Speaking after distributing water tanks, soap, sanitisers and facemasks to his constituents in Meru town on Monday, Dawood said there was need to enlist all those in need of food and called on well-wishers to step up and augment the government initiatives put in place.
“The number of people who will be in need of food is increasing day by day since most jobs have been lost. We need to look for ways to support all our people as we battle out this pandemic,” he said noting it his high time leaders have to show care for their constituents.
Meanwhile the legislator has appealed to the government to allow traders who have been selling Mitumba clothes to exhaust the stocks in their possession before the importation of the same was banned from entering into the country.
He however called on those operating in such like markets to ensure they observe the social distancing protocols together with other advisories announced by the government.
Dawood asked those in market places to adhere to the government directives lamenting that some people were still ignoring important safety precautions such as washing hands and keeping social distance.
“There is need for further sensitisation since there are reports that some people in the region are still not observing the rules on forms of greetings and crowding especially in market places,” he regretted.
The MP said his office as produced posters and stickers to enlighten members of the public on what do to help in curbing the spread of coronavirus.
He called on the Meru County rapid response committee on Covid-19 to consider involving all elected leaders in their plans for maximum reach to the wananchi who require intensive sensitisation.
“The facemasks we are distributing are not for beauty purposes but should be worn always when in public to cover the mouth and the nose. Some people are merely hanging it around their necks,” stated the legislator.
The MP donated 3,000 facemasks with a target of over 5,000 to be distributed but for the limited availability that has delayed the process.
Besides the buckets, Dawood also donated 50 water tanks, soap and sanitisers and called on all elected leaders to consider distributing facemasks to all people in their areas.

By Richard Muhambe

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