Police Seize 30,000 Litres of ethanol in Busia

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Police in Busia in collaboration with a multi-agency team have intercepted 34,560 litres of illegal ethanol at Busia border.
Speaking to KNA during an interview, Busia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said the contraband consignment, which is believed to have been imported from neighbouring Uganda, was impounded concealed beneath bags of processed livestock feed while being ferried in two separate lorries.
“Each lorry had 72 drums of 240-litre capacity,“ he said and added that the suspects managed to escape but investigations are ongoing.
Kanyiri said that the ethanol contraband was enough to produce hand sanitisers to serve local residents from Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley region to help contain the coronavirus pandemic.
“I therefore want to urge detectives to speed up investigations so that the chemical can be handed over to Kenya Pipeline Company for the manufacture of sanitisers,” he said adding that the forfeiture will be considered as a contribution by the County towards fighting the scourge.
He further warned truck drivers against taking advantage of the ongoing curfew to engage in illicit trade warning that they risked being arrested and taken to court.
“Some have also taken advantage of the directives by importing ply woods and we have also intercepted them,” he said adding that police officers have intensified patrols across the county.
The administrator reminded employers to caution their drivers against ferrying contraband goods or forest products.
“There is another driver of a company lorry who decided to transport charcoal and we have arrested him,” he said adding that the law must be implemented to the letter.
Kanyiri at the same time challenged local leaders to abide by the Ministry of Health directives adding that nobody is above the law.
The CC advised the leaders to respect police officers instead of boasting about their ranks in the society even after being found on the wrong side of the law.
“Our officers do not have time to know who you are but only out to enforce the law,” he said adding that police should be respected for the role of enforcing law and order in society.
The administrator also urged the locals to abstain from unnecessary travels to Siaya County following the death of one coronavirus patient in the area on Saturday.
“We are consulting with Siaya County Administration team to erect roadblocks and ensure screening of all passengers at the administrative boundaries,” he said.
Kanyiri further reminded local residents to report those visiting the area to the relevant authorities so that they are screened to ascertain their health status.
By Salome Alwanda

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