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DCC unveils initiative to eradicate drug and alcohol abuse in Kiambu

In a bid to combat alcohol and drug abuse Kiambu Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Titus Macharia has unveiled a strategic initiative aimed at prevention, education and support.

Speaking to KNA, the DCC said a collaborative task force composed of law enforcement agencies such as Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), public health officers, county government and the community has been selected to purposely focus on eradicating drug abuse.

“To win the fight against drug abuse and alcoholism, several stakeholders must come together in collaboration as a collaborative task force to not only addressing the symptoms but also working to eliminate root causes of alcoholism and drug abuse, “he said

Additionally, he championed community engagement programs, fostering open dialogue, sensitizing the masses and raising awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

Macharia pointed out that bhang is among the commonly abused drug in Kiambu and he appreciated the collaboration between law enforcement officers and the community in dealing with culprits, saying this will enable them to dismantle the grip bhang has in the community.
He further revealed that control measures implemented by local authorities have proven effective in managing the production and consumption of muratina, a traditional alcoholic beverage, by ensuring adherence to safety standards and legal guidelines.

“My office has worked closely with law enforcers and community stakeholders to regulate the production and distribution of muratina. I respect cultural practices and on important occasions one has to write to the chief for authorization of use and is given a maximum of 60 liters of muratina” he stated

 Macharia explained that the challenge posed by chang’aa, an illicit brew, has intensified as sellers adapt to circumvent legal restrictions by packaging the illicit distilled beverage in small plastic bags.

“This shift in packaging not only makes the detection and regulation of chang’aa more difficult for authorities but also raises concerns about its accessibility and potential for abuse,” he said

The DCCs office is actively addressing this emerging challenge, recognizing the need to not only crack down on the production and sale of chang’aa but also to implement strategies that specifically targets the evolving methods employed by sellers.
The comprehensive approach of the Deputy County Commissioners Office signifies a bold step towards eradicating the scourge of drug abuse and alcoholism from various angles among the youth, highlighting the importance of collaboration and proactive strategies.

In safeguarding the future of the community, Macharia observed, the hope is to create a safer and more resilient Kiambu county free from the shackles of drug abuse.

By Ashley Ogolla

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