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Department heads directed to go back to work

The Elgeyo Marakwet County Commissioner Dr Ahmed Omar has asked area national government departmental heads to report back to their offices to provide services to area residents.

Dr Omar noted that the departmental heads have not been reporting to work without communicating the reasons for their absence.

Speaking in Iten yesterday, the county commissioner directed the departmental heads to be present at their offices as there is no directive telling them to work from home.

The administrator further said that any officer who would have not reported to work by Wednesday should be reported to him and thereafter necessary action will be taken.

Omar reiterated that unless the national government in Nairobi directs otherwise all national government departmental heads should remain in office.

“As long as the national government headquarters is in operation every other department should be in operation,” said the CC.

He added that the officers should not take advantage of Covid-19 situation as an excuse for not reporting to work.

“It is only the County Government Officers who were directed to work from home and National Government Officers should not follow the directive,” added the CC.

He directed that a head count be done by the close of business on Wednesday to determine those who reported to work and necessary action be taken against those not present.

By Rennish Okong’o

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