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The Department of Social Development under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has kicked off an exercise to open bank accounts for existing beneficiaries of the Older Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT), Cash Transfer for Persons with Severe Disabilities (PWSD-CT), and Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC).

Speaking during the launch of the exercise at the Kericho Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, the Kericho County Director of Social Development, John Obutu, revealed that a total of 20, 360 people are targeted within the County in an exercise that will last for six months.

He further pointed out that among the 20,360 people include, 14,000 older persons above the age of 70 years, 5,680 orphans and vulnerable children, and 680 Persons with severe disabilities.

According to Obutu, beneficiaries who include the ones already on the payroll and those who had issues to be rectified, will all open bank accounts and those who would want to retain their old bank accounts must go through a confirmation process with their respective banks.

“This exercise only targets existing beneficiaries due to a new contract that is in place with the banks and so they will have a chance to open new accounts with the banks or maintain their existing accounts by confirming their details. The process is going on for six months for those who are already in the current payroll and one month for those who have errors to be rectified,” he said.

The banks in the new contract with the government include Equity Bank, Post Bank, KCB, Kenya Women Finance Trust, and National Bank will all pitch tents at all the six Sub- County headquarters in Kericho County to enable the beneficiaries to access services at ease.

He also clarified that this exercise is not for fresh applicants stressing that the government will announce when to begin an exercise that will target fresh registration of people in the three categories of the National Safety Net program.

“This exercise will also enable us to confirm who amongst the existing beneficiaries are already deceased. Therefore, we are urging the caregivers to bring beneficiaries for this exercise for verification of their details at the Social Development Sub-County offices in order get to generate a letter that will enable them to visit banks of their choice for the opening of accounts,” Obutu insisted.

Also present during the launch of the drive were the Kericho County Assistant Director Children’s Services, Ms Jane Rono, the Kericho County Disability Services Officer, Ms Hellen Tuei, and the Ainamoi Sub-County Social Development Officer, Mr Amos Orumi.

The National Government’s Inua Jamii Cash Transfer Programme to Older Persons, Persons with Severe Disabilities as well as Orphans and Vulnerable Children facilitate a total stipend of Sh24, 000 per person every year which is paid out once in two months to cushion them from economic hardships.

“The last time they received their pay was in June. They have not received the stipend from July to date and we are projecting that after this bank account opens, we will make a payroll and we expect the arrears will be paid first weeks of December,” added Obutu.

By Kibe Mburu

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