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Examinations airlifted to schools in Turkana North sub county

Education  officers  and a team supervising the national examination were forced to airlift examination to an examination  centre at Nachukui, Turkana North Sub County due to floods.

The County Director of Education (CDE), Peter  Magiri confirmed that the flooding of  Nariokotome  river  caused transportation challenges. “We had to use a chopper to fly the exams to the Nachukui centre,” said Magiri.

Candidates  started examination about two hours late, said Magiri who was monitoring the situation in Turkana North and West sub counties on Tuesday.

The  County Commissioner (CC), Muthama  Wambua said they had requested for the chopper to airlift the examination.

“We  are not taking chances, just like other counties like Garissa, Wajir and Mandera which are affected by floods we have also been given a chopper,” Wambua  said during the County Development Implementation and Coordination Committee (CDICC) meeting in Lodwar.

A  total of 15,561 KCPE candidates and 5,625 KCSE candidates are writing their national examination this year.

Magiri cited transportation challenges caused by the rains pounding the area as some of the challenges they are facing.

Meanwhile, the CDICC has recommended that engineers and contractors working on Lodwar-Kalokol, Lokitaung-Todonyang, Lodwar_Lorugum roads be summoned to the County Criminal Investigation Office to respond to allegations of substandard  road works.

“We have directions from the head of state to tackle corruption on the ground, we are not going to escalate the matter to Nairobi because Nairobi has its issues to deal with,” asserted Wambua.

Citing the Kalokol road, he said residents had started complaining even before the floods hit the county.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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