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Deputy County Commissioner Urges Leaders to Preach Peace

Kitui West Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner [DCC] John Waithaka has asked politicians in the county to preach peace ahead of the August 9 poll.

Waithaka said that politicians should strive to unite people and not divide them along political lines.

The Deputy Commissioner further called on the residents to exercise political tolerance as the political mode change as a result of ongoing campaigns.

“We don’t want to have conflicts during this electioneering period. Please spread the gospel of peace to everyone in the county including your families. The election will come and go but we will remain. This thing of saying I belong to this political divide will destroy us and we must be careful,” Waithaka said.

He called upon the residents to vote in leaders who have development agenda for the residents of Kitui.

The DCC was addressing a public Baraza of Mutanda location in the sub county during the initiation of a new chief of Mutanda Location.

On ongoing covid19 mass vaccination exercise, Waithaka urged residents to get vaccinated against the covid -19 virus that has wrecked the county’s economy.

He assured the residents that the vaccines are safe and residents should not fear them.

According to statistics released by the county health and sanitation Office, only 280,000 people have received Covid-19 jabs against a target of over 600,000 people in the county.

By Denson Mututo and Diana Syong’ombe

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