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Deputy Governor makes a U-turn, promise to work with his boss

Barely three weeks after he sensationally lashed out at his boss Ali Korane accusing him of locking him out of key decision making fora in the day to day running of the county affairs, deputy governor Abdi Dagane has dramatically made a U-turn and agreed to work with his boss again.

Speaking at a function in Garissa town where Korane was the chief guest, Dagane said differences at work place were inevitable and that is why he had agreed to make peace.

“Differences in opinion sometimes is always there in any organisation and ours is not unique. It is common for people to disagree. Nothing is cast on stone and that is why we come together for betterment of our electorate,” Dagane said.

Dagane through his Facebook account alleged that his boss stopped ‘consulting him’ on key issues for an effective leadership.

The deputy governor further claimed that there were unfulfilled promises with ‘little or tangible evidence’ adding that “as a principal assistant and the most senior county official from the Samawadal community, I would not bargain with anybody for the rights of my people and the programmes that they’re entitled to”.

MCAs from the deputy governor’s backyard led by Abubakar Shide (Masalani) told him to ‘stop dragging the entire community into his personal issues with the governor’.

Governor Korane’s community (Adduwak) and Dagane’s clan formed a pre-election coalition which propelled them to victory.

Dagane said all that was now in the past and he was ‘more than ready and committed to support his boss in delivering their campaign pledges to the residents of Garissa county’.

“Today I want to declare before you that I am in harmony with my boss and we are committed to serve and deliver on our mandate. We still have a lot of unfulfilled promises that we need to deliver within the remaining period of time and this can only be achieved if we are united,” he said.

When the governor rose to speak, he avoided the subject and instead chose to talk about the various projects his administration has lined up for the residents this financial year.

By Jacob Songok

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