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Devolution Ministry donates iron sheets to Teso flood victims

Residents of the flood-prone sub locations of Akiriamasit (Teso North) and Akiriamas (Teso South) on Saturday received a donation of iron sheets for rebuilding their destroyed houses from the Devolution Ministry.

Akiriamas, Odiria, Parater and Amoni villages which belong to the two sub locations separated by River Malakisi were ravaged by floods in April that led to the death of a woman and destruction of houses and farms.

In a ceremony presided over by Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong at Machakusi Primary School in Teso South, each affected family received 20 iron sheets with a promise of 20 more to make the total 40.

Wamalwa said the government is always ready to step in and assist its people whenever they are faced with disasters regardless of which part of the country they live.

“The President has instructed all his Cabinet Secretaries to be able to reach out to all Kenyans across the country. I want to assure you that there is no part of Kenya that is too far or too near for us to reach as Government representatives,” Wamalwa said.

Ojaamong thanked the National Government for assisting flood victims in the county with humanitarian assistance, noting that the kind gesture will help the victims start lives afresh.

In April Wamalwa and Ojaamong agreed to the flood victims’ request to have dykes erected along the banks of river Malakisi to tame perennial floods in the area.

By Melchizedeck Ejakait/Farhiya Moha

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