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Digitization of Government Services a blessing to jobless youths

A section of youths operating Cyber Cafés in Kapsabet town have lauded the Government for opening business opportunities for the youths through digitization of government services.

The youths who completed their courses and opened businesses in Kapsabet town said residents who are seeking services like Kenya Revenue Authority, passport application, police clearance can now access services in Cyber Cafés available in Kapsabet town.

Mr. Anthony Cheshari, 28, who owns Cyber Café business in Kapsabet town said after completing his degree in Information Science in 2019, he opted to open Cyber Cafe businesses in Kapsabet town which now earn him income.

He said youths who are applying for jobs and need certificates of good conduct from the police always come to him for assistance and he has always provided solutions digitally.

Cheshari said students applying or changing courses in universities or even seeking government scholarship and funding have always found solutions at his premise. “National Transport and Safety Authority services are the most sought services at my Cyber Café,” he said.

Cheshari thanked the government for operationalization of Open University of Kenya adding that such a move will create job opportunities for Cyber Cafés in the country.

He said students studying in Open University of Kenya have a chance of running their online businesses at the same time studying their courses.

Mike Rotich, 25, who also runs a Cyber Café business in Kapsabet town said the skills he acquired in school is helping him offer people online services.  He said he offers the locals a variety of online government services through his desktop and laptop.

He thanked President William Ruto for unveiling Digital Government Services dubbed Gava Mkononi, saying such a government initiative of adopting technology in offering services has created jobs for many youths.

Youths in tech businesses however urged the County Government of Nandi to exempt businesses run by youths who have just completed studies from taxation.

Such a move, they said, will encourage youths to embrace businesses for their lives while learning how to adapt and adjust to the challenges associated with such type of tech businesses.

By Geoffrey Satia

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