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Nyumba Kumi Urged to Partner with Security Agencies

Central regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga has directed members of the “Nyumba Kumi” initiative to work jointly with security agencies during this curfew period to handle emergencies that might arise.
Nyagwanga said the security agencies and the community should engage on how to handle difficulties like illness or delivery for expectant mothers.
Speaking after a security committee meeting at his boardroom Friday, the commissioner said “we want those Nyumba kumi at the sub-locational levels to establish community partnership with these security agencies to handle emergencies”.

. Central Region Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga speaks to the press on Friday in Nyeri town after a security meeting. He directed members of “Nyumba Kumi” to partner with security agencies to assist people who fall sick during the curfew period.

The regional boss said that they are working with assistant chiefs to ensure anyone who needs assistance gets it without any friction.
Nyagwanga further said that vehicles ferrying foodstuff are not restricted, adding that tea farmers should continue picking tea and taking it to buying centres where lorries would pick it as arrangements had been made with Kenya Tea Development Agency.
The administrator at the same time said COVID-19 operation especially on the enforcement of the curfew was progressing on well in the region but warned residents against flouting the regulations.
He said the government has allowed people to do their shopping up to 7pm but issued a stern warning to residents who might be tempted to lock themselves in bars that would be a direct friction with the law enforcers.
Nyagwanga asked the residents to stay at home and directed police to assist them reach their destinations safely.
On Matatu termini, he directed that only one or two PSV vehicles should be allowed at the stage at any particular moment to avoid congestion.
By Mwangi Gaitha

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