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Don calls on parents to respect their children career choices

A  lecturer at Kenyatta University has impressed on parents and guardians to respect their children and allow them to undertake courses of their choice.

Dr. Kalangi Kiambati  said students had a right to demand to be left to pursue courses that correspond to their talents which God had blessed them with. “It is improper for parents to force their children to undertake some courses for prestigious reasons that would endear them to their friends,” she said.

Dr. Kiambati cited an incident sometimes back whereby upon reporting to university a student during induction said she preferred to study  beauty and not Media and Mass Communication.

She  said the student was brave enough to complain before she could half-heartedly start a course that she did not like just to please her mother.

“At this point, the university allowed her to change and enroll in a course of her choice and believe me, she was one of the best students in that class,” the Media and mass communication lecturer said.

Dr. Kiambati reiterated that when students are allowed to study what they like, they perform well as opposed to when they study some disciplines for the sake of pleasing their parents or donors.

She also commended the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology for offering scores of students’ opportunity for attachment. She said the ICT ministry was the best mentor in mass communication field.

By Lydia Shiloya

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