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Dorcas Rigathi to students: Engage in productive activities

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, Wife to the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, has urged students to avoid bad company and engage in productive activities while at home for the August holidays.

Speaking during a prize-giving ceremony at Kahuhia Girls High School in Murang’a, Mrs. Rigathi advised students to use the holiday time to reconnect with their families and the community.

The second lady, who shared some of her experiences growing up in a poor neighbourhood, challenged the students to take advantage of the opportunity presented to them through access to education and endeavour to succeed irrespective of their backgrounds.

She also cautioned all students against engaging in drug and substance abuse, regretting that drugs have ruined the futures of many young people.

“These habits may seem harmless at first, but they eventually have harmful consequences. “Drugs and substances have negative effects on mental and physical health when abused,” she explained.

Dorcas also averred her commitment to advocating for the wellbeing of young men through fighting alcohol and drugs as well as rehabilitating them as a way of ensuring they become productive members of society and realise their full potential.

She cautioned anyone who will be found organising inappropriate parties known as bash for children, saying the authorities will take legal action against them.

“We cannot be fighting to save young people from drugs while other people are intentionally organising parties with the intention of selling alcohol and drugs to minors,” she said.

She called for concerted efforts by all stakeholders and members of society in the fight against alcohol and drug abuse.

Dorcas also supported the proposed introduction of compulsory community service as a part of the education reforms, saying it would instill a culture of giving back to society in young Kenyans.

“Community service calls on everyone to give back their time and resources to the less fortunate and the vulnerable without expecting anything back,” she said, adding that community service would strengthen the moral fabric of the nation.

She implored the student to start giving back to society by being helpful to their parents and their community during the holidays.

By Purity Mugo

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